Message from the Director


Since its beginning in 2003, iPrecision has its focus on three main components of its quest for sustainable success: a clientele fulfilled by our service, an empowered workforce, and a system built to care for Mother Earth.

As a company of 16 years, we have our sights set on being one of the world’s finest electronic contract manufacturer offering cost-effective production alternatives while maintaining the highest level of service and product superiority.  As testament, we have a growing number of clientele.

Our consistent quality is largely due to a system that caters to a healthy workforce.  This in turn empowers them to maintain and even elevate their productivity in their respective stations.  Majority of our workforce are relatively young looking to pursue stable careers with us.  They are guided by a sound number of experts who have been with iPrecision since the beginning.

Structure-wise, we are currently expanding our fourth plant that has a lot area of 10,000 square meters, our biggest facility yet.  This is to make room for up-to-date technology, accommodate our growing number of partner companies, and create opportunities for professionals looking to establish careers in our field.

iPrecision does all these while holding the highest regard for the protection of the environment.  We have made it a policy to strictly comply with all the requirements set by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  The Company has gained the nod on this aspect among many from EcoVadis, an esteemed CSR analysis entity.

These core factors guide iPrecision towards our goal of being a reputable partner in electronic manufacturing.

More so, we endlessly aspire to continue engaging and adjusting with the advancement of the technological sphere.  We likewise pursue to find better ways in catering to our clientele, workforce, and the environment.


Atty. Perfecto E. Mirador, Jr.
Director & Chief Finance Officer
Int’l Precision Assemblies Inc.